Norman's Resume!

Comfortable on screen

Easy to work with

Experience of numerous live performances

Extremely adaptable

Skilled at impromptu work

-- Bicycle riding
-- Rides scooter
-- Skateboarding
-- Clicker trained, learns behaviors quickly
-- Well socialized with people, dogs, cats, rodents
-- Retrieve objects
-- Digs on command
-- All Basic Obedience commands (sit, stay, down, come, heel, watch) with distance and distractions
-- Advanced Obedience commands (front, finish, stand, go out)
-- Navigate all agility equipment and jumps
-- News Anchor
-- Co-Host
-- Can push scooter - two front paws on handle bars, one paw on board, one paw pushing forward
-- Stable temperament, has been exposed to many situations
-- Can adapt easily to new surroundings
-- Go to mark on floor
-- Go to mark on wall
-- Bark on command consistently, has deep intimidating bark
-- Back up, lie down, and sit at a distance
-- Reliable stays with distractions
-- Turn clockwise or counter-clockwise
-- Heel with attention off leash
-- Heel backwards
-- Can pull cart or sulky
-- Knows Gee and Haw (Right and Left)
-- Natural sheep herding instinct
-- Can touch objects with nose
-- Shut doors / Open doors
-- Wipe feet on door mat
-- Dry off beard on towel, after drinking
-- Lift rear leg on command
-- Lower head on command
-- Can bow and wave
-- Limps with front paw held up
-- Anything you need him to learn!!!